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Early in the year of 1963 two Nambour citizens, Messrs. Ian Haye and David Sharpe, whilst discussing the progress of the development of the motor car over the years, conceived the idea of a local Antique Car Club, for the purpose of the restoration and preservation of ‘old faithfuls’ of by-gone days.

With this objective in view Ian and David approached Mr. Bert Skinner, a car dealer, whose enthusiasm proved to equal theirs, and with added interest from Mr. Len Silvester, a move was made to call a meeting of those interested in forming a club.   Others associated with the inauguration were Messrs. O. N. (Mick) Hayes, Ray Grace,  A. Cullen, Rex Reno, B. Woods and G. Carhart.

The first meeting was held on February 19, 1963, at Bert Skinner’s Garage, when the “ANTIQUE CAR CLUB OF NAMBOUR’ was formed.

At this stage only four members possessed suitable cars, B.Woods had a
T Ford, Len Silvester a 1922 Studebaker, Ray Grace a 1923 Studebaker and Bert Skinner a 1934 Packard 8.

The regularity of meetings was discussed and it was decided to hold the following meeting within three months.  Members were urged to make an effort to acquire vehicles and attempt, to some extent, restoration activities.

It was also resolved to display the vehicles whenever possible to aid charity.

The second meeting was held on March 20th, when suitable car types and ages were discussed, also matters concerning the Club’s future.

Bert Skinner generously made available his garage as a future meeting place.  The Club met once again on May 5th, when three new members were welcomed.

At this meeting it was agreed that regular monthly meetings be held and that a half-yearly subscription of ten shillings, per member, be applied from July 1, 1963.

During the following twelve months, though a few of the early members were lost to the Club, a number of new members joined, and several interesting cars were acquired on which was made good progress in restoration.

Early in the year Mick Hayes acquired a 1912 Buick, Ian Hayne a 1921 Vauxhall and 1915 T Ford and Wally Cox made further restoration to the 1908 Sunbeam he had been restoring for some time.

Restoration was becoming an exciting interest to members and soon Noel Poole managed to acquire a 1927 Dodge Tourer, and Dudleigh Duffield a “490” Chev. Tourer,  of about 1920 era.  Wally Owens bought the 1926 Citroen owned by former Club member David Sharpe who had left the district.  Later Ian acquired a 1904 De Dion.

April 1964 found the Club’s first car fully restored, - Mick Hayes’ Buick.

Restoration enthusiasm increased and the first rally, in the form of a trial run to Alexandra Headlands, was held September 3, 1964.  The cars taking part were Wally Cox’s Sunbeam, Mick Hayes’ Buick, Dud Duffield’s Chev., Ian Hayes’ Vauxhall and George Goodwin’s 1924 Overland which he had restored prior to becoming a Club member.

The run proved to be quite successful, there were no mishaps, though some minor faults were detected, these being successfully rectified.   The old cars appeared to cause great interest and amusement to spectators.

The first public appearance in Nambour for the Club’s cars was in taking part in the Warana Festival procession, September 26, 1964.   Once again the cars appeared to have a tremendous appeal to the public.

Perhaps as a result of being part of the Warana procession, the Club was invited by the Cooroy Ambulance Committee to take part in a Street Carnival at Cooroy in September, but only Wally Cox was able to attend this function.

In November Mick Hayes participated in a Brisbane Club Veteran Car Rally, the chosen route being from Brisbane to Kenilworth via Maleny, and stopping over-night at the Nambour Motel.  Mick’s Buick performed extremely well on this trip.

On this occasion the Rotary Club of Nambour arranged to have three Club cars, namely Mick’s Buick, Ian’s Vauxhall and Dud’s Chev., displayed with the famous “Genevieve” (which was taking part in the Veteran Rally), in the show-room of Williams Motor Co.  This display was for the purpose of raising funds for the local appeal for the Sub-normal Children.

The breaking-up party for that year, 1964, was held in the form of a rally to Coolum on the last Sunday in November.  For this rally Bert Skinner and his committee arranged a motor sports programme.  While this type of programme provided a great deal of interest and enjoyment at the time the members agreed that it could prove to be detrimental to the ‘old timers’, so it was decided to forgo a programme of this nature in the future.

During the ensuing several months the Club’s activities included only monthly meetings and a couple of scouting’ trips in search of suitable vehicles for members.  On one of these trips a Harley-Davison out-fit of about the mid 1920’s was obtained, also a 1925 Fiat.   Just prior to this West Campbell acquired a 1929 Chev. During these months work was progressing on Wally Owen’s Citroen, Noel Poole’s Dodge and on Ian Hayne’s T model.

On May 30, 1965, the Club enjoyed a pleasant rally to Caloundra, proceeding by way of the Bruce Highway and returning on the new Nicklin Way, a total of fifty-four miles.

As on previous rallies several members, whose cars were not fully restored, or who do not yet have Club cars, joined with those in the rally for a picnic lunch, tis tie at Golden Beach, Caloundra.  And, as on other occasions, all members were accompanied by their wives and families.

Once again the constant search for old cars bore fruit and in early June Wally Cox became the proud owner of a 1924 Armstrong Siddley, in reasonably good condition.



Wal Owen's Citroen, Bert Skinner's Chrysler, & Dudley Duffield's Chev. Kenilworth circa Nov 1967

  Ian Hayne's 1915 Ford T model.  Kenilworth circa Nov. 1967

1937 Auburn owned by T. Cox


  1915 Ford T, 1938 S5Jag Triumph Swallow


In 1978  The Australian Veteran and Vintage Rally was held some of our Club members entered 

Entrant No. 126 - 1911 Ford T Model Tourer owned by Mr. D Partington


Entrant No. 506 - 1930 Ford A Model owned by Mr E. Plater


Entrant No. 148 - 1929 Pontiac Coupe owned by Mr. D. Duffield

Entrant No. 128 - 1927 Ford T Model Coupe owned by Mr. D. Vermeulen



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